Women’s Museum in Hanoi features among the must visit places in Hanoi

This Women’s Museum in Hanoi features among the must visit places in Hanoi

It is one of its kinds and is solely dedicated in honor of the brave Vietnamese women who had played an integral part in the social and political scenario of Vietnam. The Museum is a living symbol of the sacrifices and contributions made by the Vietnamese women. All the four floors of the Museum consist of artifacts and photo graphs related to women taking part in social evils, wars and doing party promotion works.

The Museum came into existence on the celebrated day marking the 65th anniversary of Vietnam Women’s Union on October 20th, 1995.

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About the Women’s Museum

Despite being a patriarchal society, Viet Nam still reserves a special, if not sacred, place to honour Vietnamese women. Not only is October 20th is made Vietnam’s Women day but there also exists a museum dedicated to women.

The museum displays rather recent history of women, such as women and ethnicity; women and the national struggle; Vietnam women association and the feminism; women and traditional costumes; and women’s cultural traits expressed through handicrafts.

There are also frequent exhibitions on contemporary women, such as women working as street vendors or women’s place in the family. The Vietnam Women’s Museum is definitely worth a few hour visit, especially for those keen on learning about culture and gender.

The museum is located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi. You can visit the museum website: http://www.womenmuseum.org.vn for more information.

See our video guide to Vietnam’s Women Museum


Features of Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi

–   The first section of the Museum has the statue of the “Vietnamese Mother”. This 3.6 meters high statue is made out of pure gold and is crafted by Phu Cuong. The Mother is shown to be dynamic and full of strength yet retaining her soft and gentle features associated with motherhood. Her open right hand symbolizes her power to overcome any challenge while in her left hand she uplifted a child symbolizing innocence and victory. All over it is the mark of the Strength of the Vietnamese women as well as their beauty.

–   Another section is dedicated to the women’s achievements in the national defense and construction arena. The fighting spirit of the women is portrayed by the Two Trung Sisters who are believed to have raised the first flag against the invaders. Here is placed a torch which is the symbol of the eternally burning fighting and patriotic spirit of the Vietnamese women.

–   The walls of the Museum are adorned with pictures of women taking part in national activities. The best and touching among them is the photo named “Mothers Children”, which features a mother with her dead children and their belongings which are tokens of love from the mother.

–   Other pictures show the achievements of women in the field of industry, education, healthcare, and many other allied fields. The staunch optimism and hard working spirit of the women are very easily visible through the lively photos.

–   Another section of the Museum preserves the achievements and formation of the Vietnam Women Union. The organization is nearly 65 years old and since its inception has been dedicated to uplift and promote the contribution and engagement of women in the political scenario of the country and world movement in particular.

–   Another interesting feature of the Women’s Museum is the exquisite collection of beautiful dresses worn by the 54 Vietnamese nationalities. The dresses are symbols of sophistication, with appropriate color combinations and designs born out of an artistic mind. They epitomize the real beauty of a woman.



Fast facts about Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi

Address– 36 Pho Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi Vietnam

Timings– Open Daily from 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M, closed on Monday

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