Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi

Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.Touring the major landmarks of Hanoi can be interesting. Hanoi is dotted with some exclusive Museums. The museums with their collection pertaining to aesthetic, scientific and historical importance are like time machines in which you can travel through time. Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi is such a place where you can visit during your tour to Hanoi.

Hanoi History Museum


Museums in Hanoi are important parts of national heritage and Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The Museums in Hanoi are classified under various heads. There are historical museums and military museums. Some are special and some are specific dedications to a certain community or class. The Museums in Hanoi are the sources of past conquests, political and social backgrounds that the country has experienced in the by gone years. The inventions of the people, the relics of the Chinese and French influence, mementos of military conquests, are all preserved with utmost care in the many Museums located all over the city.

Some famous museums are Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Fine Arts Museum (Bảo Tàng Mĩ Thu?t), Temple of Literature, Army Museum (Bảo Tàng Quân Ðội), Air Force Museum (Bảo Tàng Không Quân) and theVietnam History Museum in Hanoi.

Fast Facts about Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi

Address of Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi: 1 Pho Trang Tien
Hanoi Vietnam

Contact no. of Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi: +84 4 8253518

Open Hours at Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi: Tuesday-Saturday 8a.m.-11.30a.m., 1.30p.m.-4.30p.m.

Features of Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi

Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi showcases items that mark the country’s historical developments. The features of Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi include:

–   Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi displays the country’s heritage ranging from prehistoric tools to dynastic thrones to a bust of Uncle Ho.

–   The second floor of Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi displays more than 50 sets of remains from the Champa Kingdom, which flourished in central Vietnam between the 2nd and 15th centuries.

–   A hall packed with detailed seals, stone tablets and sculptures of mythical creatures provides a glimpse of dynastic life.

–   Local escort is recommended in the museum to understand the brief descriptions of exhibits here.

Visit Vietnam History Museum in Hanoi and discover the historical treasure of the country!


How to go to Hanoi History Museum

Hanoi History Museum has located at 1 Trang Tien Street. If you are coming from the direction of the Hanoi Opera House, follow the road on the left side of the opera house. You will arrive at the History Museum within 5 minutes. It is on the right side of the road.

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