Shopping in Hanoi

Shopping in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is the center of culture and politics of the country. It has also acquired popularity as a centre of administration over time. The city is home to major exotic tourist destinations. Apart from visiting the major attractions, a delightful shopping experience in Hanoi makes for a memorable tour. Hanoi has established itself as a major shopping destination in Asia. Shopping in Hanoi is a major attraction amongst foreign tourists and locales alike. Options galore await you in terms of shopping in Hanoi. If you are looking for Silk, fashions, bespoke tailoring, embroidery, handicrafts on shopping in Hanoi, you won’t be disappointed. While the ancient quarter boasts of being host to several stores, Hang Gai offers colorful silk and clothes. Nha Tho houses an avenue of shops.

Features of shopping in Hanoi:

– A booming economy has resulted in the sprouting of shopping malls across the city of Hanoi.

– Hanoi is a great place for shopping offering various goods and products at reasonable prices.

– The lustrous silk items make Hanoi a shopper’s paradise. 36 streets in the Old Quarter offering silk products is frequented by shopping junkies and is being named as Hang Gai or Silk Street. Several fashionable boutiques have a thriving business here. The place is also rich in souvenirs and antiques. Souvenir and silk shops remain open till 10pm on weekends.

– Hanoi offers elegantly designed home décor and furnishings. You can choose from beautiful, practical and original designs.

– Exotic handicrafts and pottery vie to empty your pockets. Skillfully made handicrafts are available aplenty in Hanoi. Rich and colorful pottery is found in Bat Trang village, located a few kilometers away from downtown Hanoi. Exotic pottery is available at affordable prices.

– Exotic art offers an answer to the creative minds. Exquisite pieces of art are found in galleries around Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old quarter. Vietnamese artists are making a name for themselves across the world with their original and innovative concepts. Hanoi is arguably called Vietnam’s fine arts capital.

– Trang Tien and Hang Khay streets in Hoan Kiem district offer an exquisite variety of paintings and watercolors like lacquerware and puppets.

– An avenue of shops along Hang Gai and Duc Loi streets are renowned for producing tailor-made clothes.


Hanoi Shopping 001

Bát Tràng ceramics

Hanoi Shopping 002


Hanoi Shopping 003

Lacquer & bamboo products

Hanoi Shopping 004

Clothes for sale on Hàng Đào St.

Hanoi Shopping 005

Mats for sale on Hàng Chiếu St.

Hanoi Shopping 006

Lanterns on Hàng Mã St.

Hanoi Shopping 007

Preserved fruits at Đồng Xuân Market

Hanoi Shopping 017

Hanoi Shopping 018

Lacquer and Bamboo products

Hanoi Shopping 019

Masks for sale on Hàng Bông St.

Hanoi Shopping 020

Painting by Bùi Hữu Hùng at Thăng Long Gallery

Hanoi Shopping 021

Water puppets




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