Saigon Central Mosque

Located in the heart of the city, the blue and white Saigon Central Mosque is a quiet oasis is the busy business district of Saigon.

Photo of Saigon Central Mosque

Constructed in the 1930s by South Indian Muslims, the mosque is one of around a dozen that serve the city’s Muslims and it stands on the site of an earlier mosque. Home to four minarets, tall spires typical of Indo-Islamic mosques, they’re not used for the call to prayer.

Across the street are several restaurants catering to the Muslim crowd by serving halal food. Remember to dress conservatively, meaning no tank tops, and remove your shoes before entering.

Saigon Central Mosque & Mosque Cafe

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I lost my CC on a crazy night out so I’ve been stuck here in HCMC waiting for my Mum to send the new card over to me.

Today I visited the Saigon Central Mosque & Mosque Cafe – Which was the first time I’ve visited a Mosque. I’m surprised how bland the Mosque is, if you compare it to other places of worship. Apparently, Islamic law strictly forbids using human or animal figures for decoration. I met a great guy (pictured below) who showed me around and introduced me to his friends – making for a pleasant afternoon sitting on the mat chatting while sipping some tea.

The main reason for visiting was to visit the Cafe, which I had read about on the Gastronomy Blog last year. If you go, the Cafe is hidden right around the back of the Mosque, so I’d recommend asking someone where it is otherwise you’ll have trouble finding it. I’ve always been a sucka for Muslim/Islamic foods with their rich curries so was keen to check it out. And bwoy, I was not disappointed!!! The cafe like place had an assortment of metal pots on the table and it was just a matter of lifting the lid up and choosing which curry to have. I opted for the beef, mutton, vegetable curries along with a Sapathi and a potato dish (which was rich is flavor).

It made for an interesting and different afternoon out!

Saigon Mosque

Saigon Mosque

Saigon Mosque

Saigon Mosque

Have you ever visited a Mosque before?

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