Hoai River peace between the ancient town of Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town with tranquil beauty regularly appears in polls of foreign visitors as a destination and world famous.

Hoi An is to be second favorite in Asia / Hoi An in the top 10 destinations with the best hotel in the world

Hoi An is a destination of foreign visitors most often when referring to Vietnam and repeatedly achieved high positions in charts worldwide travel. Here are the titles had been selected for this ancient city.

Hoai River peace between the ancient town of Hoi An

Whether morning, afternoon or late evening, when the small boat also gives visitors a special experience of city life Society.

Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River runs through Hoi An. With the people here in particular and tourists in general, this river as inseparable symbol of the old town. Not only that, this peaceful little river also associated with the livelihoods of Union City residents. Their main occupation is boating, taking tourists sightseeing.

A day on the river usually starts early in the morning. Because of the need to watch the sunrise, many delegations often to the marina early. Therefore, the people here have to be prepared in advance, when a client is ready to hit the road.

A floating river trip cost from 30,000 to 50,000. You will be traveling within 30 minutes of City Council. With the larger delegations, the price is about 100,000.

Attractions here is the boat were not using the engine. This makes visitors feel are most pronounced on the ancient and simple strokes, close here.

Do not just admire the beauty of Hoi An, tourists can hear stories everyday from ferryman interesting. Hour paddle along the water naked amidst peaceful impression of a land of peace in each one so filled up.

At any time of the day, you have seen the small passenger boat on the river. Though the early morning sun light, sunset ….

… And when the night came down. Just have needs, the ferryman here always willing to push the boat left the dock.

Given the opportunity, try sailing on the Hoai River in the evening. Especially on the night flower. You can buy a small flower with a price of 10,000 dong to drop out of the water. Along with the lights from the house, all shimmering river becomes just like the fairy tales.

A corner view of Hoi An from small boats.

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