Ho Chi Minh City – Happy Ending Massage Places and Comments

saigon beauty salon and massage girls

Ho Chi Minh City Happy Ending Massage Places and Comments

Frankly a separate thread on massage parlours in HCMC is not going to see a lot of traffic.

saigon beauty salon and massage girls
saigon beauty salon and massage girls

The typical deal for massage in HCMC is rooms or booths that have windows or openings so that people can peer in. They usually have a locker room where they expect you to change beforehand and put on their baggy shorts. The gals wear a sort of skirt/shorts combination that seriously restricts access. All of this set up is to deliberately reduce the opportunity for extras. Most places have sauna and jacuzzi but there is no choice of girls unless you have a name from before.

Very rarely have I been offered any extras and that was always no more than a furtive HJ. The only place where this was consistently offered is the place on Dong Do in the lane opposite the Club Italia (aka Sports Bar).

Basic 30 mins massage is usually about VND 100,000 and extras (if you can get them) are negotiated from there.

massage girl in saigon
massage girl in saigon

I actually had a decent massage, with lots of extras including BBBJ, and FS, at the superbowl out by the airport. The Mamasan, although she hates to be called that, speaks great English and will set you up. It has been a while but i believe the total damage was 300K.

Some place i’ve tried and feel ok in Saigon

Vien Dong hotel massage –> this is the best ever i’ve tried 

275A Pham Ngu Lao St., D.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Festival Hotel Massage

31 Cao Thang St., War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City

Rex Hotel Massage

141 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, District 1, District 1 – City Center, Ho Chi Minh City


Almost all 3 stars and above hotels in Hochiminh city, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang … got massage services. 90% of them have these happy ending, the rest 10% you should ask the masseuse.

Apart from that it is nearly impossible to get anything more than previously described. It used to be easier, 5 or 6 years ago, but I think the Government has been cracking down in an effort to attract tourism.

saigon beauty salon and massage

Lido massage HCMC

Just a quick report on an MP experience I had a few months back in HCMC.

I walked in to a massage place at Pham Ngu Lao, ordered for a body massage at100k which came with free foot massage. (Note foot massage is done at a separate area from the body massage) Since this was my first experience for this type of establishment, I didn’t know how the system worked. So I just followed whatever told.

After a nice shower/Jacuzzi/steam/sauna/and more shower, which was very clean and nice, I was given shorts to wear. The mama san led me to a small but clean cubicle and told me to wait. I didn’t know what to do in there while waiting for a girl, but the instinct told me to just lie down on the bed facing up, where I noticed the railing fixed on the ceiling. After seemingly a long wait, a petit, a little chubby girl entered. She seemed to have some rudimentary understanding of English. Rapport was established between us by smiles and simple conversations. Having done the normal massage, (I was still face down) she moved onto some suggestive hand movements between my cheeks (read a gentle AR). As she probed her thumb through the crack, I lifted my bum a little to get the full effect of it. Nice. She motioned me to flip over, with which I duly complied.

She works on my toes, pulling, twisting and moving up the legs, the calve, the thighs. As she kneads my thighs, her hands purposely brush my member and balls. I feel it rising with anticipation and the inevitable end.

There, she stops, bringing me back to the reality. She leans over me and asks if I want a massage down there, to which I say “how much”. She starts with a ridiculous price like 500K. A 500K for a HJ, no way. I negotiates down to 300K (this is still too high) but I was quite chuffed with the AR technique she demonstrated earlier on. She tries to cheer me up by saying that the next it would be 200K. I feel better.

She starts the gentle up and down movement on the now limp member, but building up by touching balls and AR actions. By now the poor chap is now fully obliged. I extend my right hand to touch her bum and bosom. She let me do that as long as it does not go too deep. I ask if I can see her pussy to which she says no, but lets me touch it over her knickers. I try to move the fabric to one side. But this effort is thwarted by the tight fitting of her knickers. Oh well.

Being conscious of time, I decide to unleash my load. She gently squeezes out the last remaining liquid, cleans me up, and gives me an affectionate hug, signaling this is THE END.

Total damage: 100K body massage + 300K tip. (away too much! )

Remember free foot massage I mentioned in the beginning? My next report will be about that which develops into a rather unexpected event.

Rex Hotel massage

Sudz, I had an excellent massage at the Rex, “Club”. Baggy pants and all. I believe the attendant goes through your clothes while you are getting the massage. The elaborate locking procedure is just a farce because they have the master key anyway. BBBJ was on special that night for $50 USD but negotiable. $20USD for HJ. Not rushed and full exploration of top and bj

Massage near Ben Thanh market

I usually stay at the Park Hyatt when travelling for business. Their staff are very nice. But very pricey. This time, I was on my own. I can speak vietnamese, not perfect but acceptable.
I have a friend who is running a travel agency and she helps me booking a hotel not far away from Ben Thanh market. Sorry, I can’t mention the hotel cos I want to protect their business. Rememeber, we are reading this forum, as well as the cops and local agency.
On the first morning, I went to the Massage salon operating within the hotel. As I had an appointment with my relatives at noon, so I just opted for 1 hour massage. I was escorted to the changing room, and took all my clothes. I was given a boxer short. Then I was guided to a nice room.
The massage session was great. The girl stepped on your back. 15 minutes before the end, she asked whether I wanted massage there. I said yes, she then covered the lower part and did it under-cover.
Cost: 10 USD for 1 hour massage and 200K or 12USD
On the same evening, I went back for 2 hours VIP. I got body massage, foot massage and facial. The whole session was exceptional, except all the girls were working on you so there are no special. Cost 25 USD and 200K or 12 USD tipping the 3 girls.
I came back the following morning, and opted for 1 hour massage. This time, the girl litterally sat on my back, and rub her pussy on leg and thigh.
Then 20 minutes before the end, she asked whether I wanted massage there. She took off my short, didn’t bother to cover anything, pour oil on my little brother and worked on it. She let me roaming under her panties, fingering as well.
Cost 10 USD for the massage and 20 USD for tipping.
I’m sure that the girls are ready for take away.
PM me your phone number and I will SMS you the name of the hotel as well as their Web site. No Vietnamese phone number, only overseas phone number. I just want to protect good business from crack down.
By the way, cost of room is 70-80 USD with air con, king size bed, and good wi-fi.


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