Hang Da market in Hanoi

Hang Da market

This local 3 floored indoor market is well-known for second-hand (used) cloths, shoes, bags. Do not forget to try your bargant tallent here .

You can buy good fruits and food at the first floor or you can try some unique vietnames food here.

Address: 1 Pho Hang Da in Hanoi, Vietnam
Open Hours– 5 am to 5 pm from Monday to Sunday

At the intersection of  Yen Thai and Hang Da is the former site of Hang Da Market, a large, local dry-goods and clothing market. Sadly, the old four-story yellow stone building was recently torn down, and the new Hang Da Market will be a sterile shopping mall.

After a quick look, head north on Hang Da — don’t miss the large bird shop with a wall of bamboo cages on the northern corner of Hang Da and Hang Dieu.

Continuing north, Hang Da becomes Hang Dieu Street. Hang Dieu was traditionally the area for tobacco and pipe sellers; keep an eye out for the filigreed colonial edifices at no. 66 and no. 77 Hang Dieu (you’ll have to look up to distinguish these from the concrete clutter).

Features of Hang Da Market in Hanoi

  –   As you enter Hang Da Market in Hanoi, you will find vendors selling liquors on the left and just at the entry.
  –   You will also find vendors selling food and flowers in these outer stalls.
  –   Towards the south of the market, you will find shops of blue-and-white pottery
  –   Towards the right side of the market, there is a market of small birds kept inside a wall of bamboo cages
  –   You will be dumbstruck by the hullabaloo of traders and buyers inside the market.
  –   If you want to buy fruits, vegetables, cooked meats and ceramics, you will get them in the ground floor of Hang Da Market in Hanoi.
  –   Clothes, other fabric items and even watches are often sold in the second and third floors.
  –   You will also get dry-goods made locally in this market

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