Halong Bay in top destinations such nice step up from mythology

Halong Bay in top destinations such nice step up from mythology

In addition to Halong Bay, a list for BuzzFeed offer also includes the village of Colmar (France), Waitomo caves fireflies (New Zealand) or garden Kawachi Fuji (Japan).

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most famous destination in Quang Ninh province, attracting large amounts of foreign and domestic tourists to visit each year.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau village territory, near Füssen, southwest by King Ludwig II Bravia construction. This is the place to be overrepresented among the castles of Ludwig II and the top of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Castle Princess Sleeping Disney is taking this prototypes from Neuschwanstein.

Waitomo Caves fireflies outside town Waitomo, New Zealand, is a popular destination, attracting many tourists visit by large fireflies live in the cave. Many travelers said that when the cave, they feel lost in the world of mythology.

Colmar is a small town, located in the heart of the Alsace region in northeastern France. Guests come here attracted by the peace, the ancient gateway of the small, beautiful house. Many people said where scenes reminiscent of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, but Colmar better life in the film several times.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral (The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed) is built on Red Square in Moscow, Russia. This place is famous for gaudy architecture, beautiful. This site is currently used as a museum, open to millions of pilgrims every year.

You can find this beautiful setting in Kawachi Fuji Garden, also known under the name of love most beautiful park in Kitakyushu Japan. Best time to visit is late April garden, beginning in May of each year.

Palphug Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest is also called) is a famous temple and sacred Himalayan Buddhism, located cliff side of a cliff in Paro valley, Bhutan. Though built positioned quite dangerous, difficult to transport, Taktsang Palphug has attracted the attention of visitors.

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) is a natural landscape in the Menderes River valley in the province of Denizli, Turkey.This place is famous for hot springs rich in carbonate minerals accumulated to form the “terraces” extremely impressive limestone. This helps tourism development here, especially the Pamukkale hot bath.

Though no one came here, many people are looking at this scene feels very familiar because Glenfinnan Viaduct is the bridge appeared in the famous Harry Potter movie. In real life, the tree canopy of 21 viaduct route West Highlandrailway, the village of Glenfinnan, Lochaber, Highland, Scotland.

Beautiful views seemingly only exists in fairy entirely true in the world. You can experience the magical space coastVieques, Puerto Rico.

Anywhere on African soil, the red dirt road roll, in the villages, vast forests and the distant desert, tourists also easily caught images of the baobab tree reaching up to vote cloudless sky. This image has become a symbol of the relentless rise in African soil excess sun and wind, In addition, it is also symbolic of Madagascar.

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