A Glimpse of Angkor Wat – Cambodia

A Glimpse of Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Located next to the city of Siem Reap in the north, the architectural complex of Angkor was the capital of the powerful Khmer kingdom, today attracts many tourists to visit, sightseeing

Angkor Wat is where King Jayavarman II built for worship, religious bodies and other works integrity and most beautiful in the population.

Architectural complex of Angkor is a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1992, the German government supported conservation.

This is the Bayon, the temple in gratitude to their parents. Under the Khmer Bayon read Thom, it is also called Angkor Thom.

Bayon pride with Buddha statues Lokesvara toward 4 to oversee the temple

Bayon, the Baphuon along with also a large and beautiful temples in Angkor.

This work built on the mountain temple architecture with large boulders arranged on each other and being French government supported conservation.

Ta Prohm temple in gratitude to Mother, also known as the Temple Trees. This used to be the studio of the famous movie The Secret Tomb.

The tree “Spung” with large roots deep into the rock between the bold impression with visitors to seem quaint, quiet.

Marking time on Ta Prohm add u seem chairman, mysterious.

Preah Khan temple in gratitude to the Father. Under the Khmer Preah Buddha meant, Khan is a publication for foreign invaders, be Jayavarman VII built in 1191. It is one of the temples still retain the original name correctly.

Preah Khan is hosting the World Monument Fund supports conservation and fund almost decided to keep the status quo to save temple features ancient precious.

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