Features of West Lake in Hanoi

West Lake (Vietnamese: Hồ Tây) is a freshwater lake in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. With a shore length of 17 km (about 10.6 miles), this is the largest lake of the capital and a popular place for recreation with many surrounding gardens, hotels and villas. A small part of West Lake is divided byThanh Nien road to form Truc Bach Lake. One district of Hanoi is named after the lake, Tay Ho district.

Hanoi has emerged as a fascinating and unconventional tourist destination over the years. People, weary of visiting the clichéd and over crowded places, now prefer Hanoi as a charming city unique in its own beauty and culture. Hanoi with its distinctive French influence, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Visit the West Lake, Water Puppet Theater, Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda and the Fine Arts Museum.

West Lake in Hanoi is often described as the most romantic place resplendent in its beauty and vastness. Its beauty has been immortalized in the works of several poets, writers and artists. Often been described as a mirror of Hanoi, this lake is also considered as the ‘lung of the city’. Its vast blue water and the violet and red blossoms create an indescribable beauty.

Features of West Lake in Hanoi

–   The lake is located in the northwestern part of the inner city of Hanoi and it measures 17 km in its perimeter.
–   Science has proved that the lake was a part of the nearby Red River the flow of which deflected thousands of years ago.
–   It derived other names like Lake of Mist, Lake of Golden Buffalo and Lake of Fox Corpse from various legends associated with the forming of the lake.
–   The lake has become a famous meeting point for people.
–   The beautiful Thanh Nien Avenue, previously called Co Ngu, that separates West Lake and Truc Bach Lake gets crowded during the evening.
–   It is a delightful experience to take a simple walk in the fresh air.
–   The early morning fresh air is invigorating for morning exercises.
–   People looking for a niche by the lake enjoying a coffee, shrimp pancakes or ice creams, is a very common sight.
–   You will also find luxurious restaurants on boats that cruise around the lake.
–   During weekends, there are often weddings taking place onboard a boat.
–   West Lake is not merely a tourist spot. Rich in cultural values, the lake houses at least 21 pagodas, shrines and communal houses with many valuable artifacts along its rim.
–   Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Tay Ho sanctuary remain the most frequently visited sites where people can enjoy the beautiful architecture after praying for blessing.
–   Even the villages located to the west of the lake, are associated with fascinating legends.
–   Nghi Tam village features the unique architecture of Kim Lien Pagoda while Xuan Tao village houses the Soc shrine dedicated to Giong Divine.
–   Trich Sai village has the Thien Nien Pagoda while Thuy Khue village hosts the Ba Danh Pagoda.
–   Nhat Tan village has been known as the place for the most beautiful peach blossoms.
–   The century-old village houses along the lines of the lake, make for a lovely landscape.
–   West Lake is also an ideal residential place for foreigners working in the city who have hundreds of villas built near the lake.

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