Discover Hoi An is not at the city

Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry and Thanh Ha pottery is where you can discover a very different Hoi An.

Referring to Hoi An, many people often think of the gentle river Huai and the house bears the mark of time. In addition to beautiful old town, where tourists are fascinated in the traditional village culture, which is the oldest preserved.

Currently, Hoi An is about 12 villages crafted traditional products such as carpentry, handicrafts, lanterns … Here are some famous villages you should not miss when visiting this ancient city.

Kim Bong carpentry village

Located in Cam Kim commune, Kim Bong carpentry village has a history of over 600 years. Under the Nguyen kings, Kim Bong is a name known for exquisite carpentry work with each boat, house. Not only that, the architecture of the house or temple in the ancient town of Hoi An is also designed by the hands of Kim Bong carpenters.

A lot of work was born under the delicate hands of skillful craftsmen Kim Bong. Photo: Thuy Trang.
To come here, you just need to take a ferry from the old town in about 10 minutes. Since setting foot on this land, the sound chiseled or cut led troubled tourists fence on a busy tourist attraction.

Wooden products in this village is assessed gentle, rustic but equally sophisticated. You can find the picture horizontal, wooden statues, chairs or even small toys nicely polished lightly to keep the natural color.

Currently, Kim Bong carpentry village no longer boat, as the old building, instead producing handicraft products. However, quintessence and ingenuity still strongly imprinted on each product.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Cinnamon tea is known throughout the land of Hoi An with delicious vegetables are grown on fertile soil. The village is located in Cam Ha, way more than 3km from the city center to the northwest. Currently, it has 220 families engaged in agriculture, of which 130 households specialized vegetable crop rotation, intercropping on an area of 40ha.

Many tourists are fascinated with active vegetable here. Photo: Tri Tin.
Visit Tra Que, you will be introduced on 20 types of leafy vegetables and herbs. Many types are evaluated delicious than other places such as basil, é, perilla … Not only that, tourists come here also experience the feeling become real farmers.

Tra Que people prepared to do a lot of clothes with slippers shallow, conical and build the whole house dedicated to tourism. Visitors are guided by digging, planting, watering and fertilize vegetables.

After finishing the practice sessions as farmers, they will enjoy many delicious dishes prepared with vegetables and specialties such as Quang Nam cauldron cakes, mussel, shrimp property, Quang noodles, high floor Hoi An. ..

Thanh Ha pottery village

How to Hoi An approximately 3 km to the west of Thanh Ha pottery village, formed in the late 15th century Craft Village is located right on the Thu Bon River, located in Cam Ha Commune.

A craftsman is guiding tourists pottery. Photo: Tri Tin.
Previously, Thanh Ha which provide the cups, jars, tiles, floor tiles for ancient Hoi An and the surrounding areas. Today, the rich and diverse, including many varieties of souvenirs with designs, rich colors.

One of the features in this village is the households still preserved ceramic processing techniques in the table. All are based on the ingenuity of each artisan without the use of molds forming or enamelling and chemicals. Therefore, although the main material used is clay, the product lighter here than in other localities.

Visit the pottery industry, in addition to buy nice souvenirs, tourists can learn about ancient pottery Vietnam from each artist.

Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village

With up to 400 years old, Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village is famous tourist destination in Hoi An in particular and the country in general. You can find copper products served in ceremonial occasions, festivals such as gongs, Pheng la .. and the associated objects of daily life, including pots, pans, dishes …

Full of sophisticated products of Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village. Photo: tinhinh.
The reason for the dramatic here because there are special processing techniques. Artisans in the village always had the secret blend of different metals as well as maintain a stable temperature. Previously, the Nguyen Dynasty kings used to invite artisans in the village of Hue Capital to manipulate artwork, appliances and even coinage.

After the end of the journey to visit the old town, you can stop at Phuoc Kieu. In addition to the purchase of products and sightseeing, you can also see the artists performing musical gong, gong of their own birth

Discover Hoi An is not at the city

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