Vietnamese cuisines

24/04/2014 nhatkhoa 0

Vietnamese cuisines stir the world Bringing rice and bacon, an omelet with Vietnamese flavour in the final round of the MasterChef US, has won blind […]

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8 tips to discover Hanoi

02/04/2013 nhatkhoa 0

Visit the Ethnographic Museum, explore historic attractions, stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake street or enjoy a cup of coffee is what the New Zealand Herald […]

Vietnam Wedding Ceremony

03/12/2012 nhatkhoa 0

Getting married is an important event in a Vietnamese’s life. The procedure of the ancient wedding ceremony was very complicated. Current wedding ceremony procedures include the following […]

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Vietnam Religious holidays

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Vietnam Religious holidays Plz Read this article about The lunar calendar 5th day of 3rd month:  Remembering the Dead (Thanh minh). Families will visit the graves of deceased […]

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Good buys in Vietnam

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Some good buys in Vietnam Lacquer ware Ceramics Painting, Woodblock prints Silk, Clothes in general, Embroidery, Carvings (stone and wood), Precious or semi-precious stones (such […]