Buying Plane Tickets While in Vietnam

Buying Plane Tickets While in Vietnam

Hi, everyone. My friend and I will be traveling in Vietnam for 20 days and are wondering whether we should buy local airfare tickets NOW (3 months in advance) or whether we can get them as cheaply while in Vietnam? This will allow us to keep our route more flexible.

For example:
Can we purchase a flight from Vietnam (most likely Da Nang airport) to Luang Prabang economically, even if it 10 days before the flight? Is it perhaps even more economical to do it that way with a local travel agent when are actually in Hanoi?

Answer :

At this time of year it should be ok to buy the flights when you are here,as long as there isn’t a public holiday.It’s normally what I do,and as long as you are slightly flexible,I’ve never had a problem getting a flight.I don’t think Vietnam airlines tickets are any cheaper if bought in advance,but the economy seats will go first,and you might have to pay for a more expensive class if booking later.Also as far as I know,there are no flights from Da Nang to Luang Prabang,only from Hanoi


I would be interested to know what you ended up doing: buying your tickets in Vietnam or ahead of time? I am in a similar situation: For Nov/Dec 2012 I have flights to/from Vietnam and so far found flights online from Hanoi -Luang Prabang for $185, Luang Prabang-Siem Reap for $195 and Siem Reap-HCMC for $155. Does any know/think that I could get cheaper tickets if I wait until I’m in Hanoi to buy these tickets (e.g., at the airport, with a travel agent, etc.)?

hint here for people flying to Luang Prabang

just a hint here for people flying to Luang Prabang LPQ – Lao Airlines is cheaper than Vietnam Airlines on the route to/from Hanoi. I paid $145. on Lao Airlines – Vietnam Airlines is $185.

It will not be cheaper in person, and certainly not last minute – use the link to Lao Airlines above

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