Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam.

The mission of the Museum is scientific research, collection, documentation, conservation, exhibition and preserving the cultural and historic patrimony of the nation’s different ethnic groups. The museum also serves to guide research, conservation, and technology that are specific to the work of an ethnographic museum.

In its planning for the future, the Museum intends to present the cultures and civilisations of other countries of South-East Asia as well as in the region.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Dân tộc học Việt Nam) is a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam, which focuses on the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. It is located on a 3.27-acre (13,200 m2) property in the Cầu Giấy District, about 8 km from the city center.

It is widely considered to be the finest modern museum in Vietnam and a tourist attraction in Hanoi.[citation needed]

The proposal for the museum was officially approved on December 14, 1987. Construction lasted from 1987 to 1995, and it was opened to the public on November 12, 1997.

The exhibition building was designed by the architect Hà Đức Lịnh, a member of the Tày ethnic group, in the shape of a Dong Son drum, and the interior architecture was designed by the French architect Véronique Dollfus.

Features of Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi

–   The Museum is a work of art in itself; however the interior design has been done by a French architect Mrs. Veronique Dollfus.

–   The Museum comprises of two sections, one used for indoor purpose and the other for outdoor exhibitions. The indoor section houses the main building, an office, a well equipped research center, library, technical laboratory and an auditorium. The Outdoor section on the other hand displays different types of houses found all over Vietnam. The two sections are interlinked by a network of pathways.

–   The Museum has an exquisite collection on display. Featured among these are 15,000 artifacts, photographs, and huge numbers of slides, audio and video tapes and CD ROMs. The huge collection is presented by an effective use of dioramas.

–   The Museum is dedicated to display valuable information about the cultural heritages of the diverse communities; many simple objects of daily use also fill up the racks like knives, baskets, mats. These objects give us an insight into the creative faculty of the ethnic groups as well as their life style.

–   The Museum also has the clothe collection, agricultural tools, fishing instruments, musical instruments and jewellery belonging to the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Even artifacts related to various religious customs, rituals wedding and funeral ceremonies are kept at the Museum.

–   Some of the priced objects are displayed in glass window show cases. The things displayed are accompanied by a label which gives detailed information about the artifact.

–   Since the collection is so wide spread the Museum also publishes catalogues and books for a systematic study of the displayed works and objects.

–   The Museum of Ethnology has incorporated modern technology especially while choosing the light fixtures. The focused lights illuminate the objects beautifully making it attractive and also highlighting its best side. Proper ventilation methods have also been introduced.

–   The outdoor space is used up to showcase the dwellings of the ethnic groups. The dwellings are either preserved in their original state or being remade. The buildings consist of Tay stilt house, Yao House on half stilts and half earth, the Hanhi house made out of beaten walls to name a few. The interiors of the house feature the living and dining areas too.

Fast Facts about Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi

Address– Nguyen Van Huyen Road, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact Number– + 84-4 756 2193(phone), +84-4 8360351(fax)

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