Weekend Stress relief at Hanoi Bars


Out in space and vibrant music at the bars will help you relax after working hours, and quickly regained the spirit of the weekend. Taboo Lounge & Bar With the “appearance” is a luxury yacht, featured on West Lake water into the evening, Taboo Lounge & Bar offers a prime location at the top when Thuy Khue street, near the Continue reading

Hoai River peace between the ancient town of Hoi An


Hoi An ancient town with tranquil beauty regularly appears in polls of foreign visitors as a destination and world famous. Hoi An is to be second favorite in Asia / Hoi An in the top 10 destinations with the best hotel in the world Hoi An is a destination of foreign visitors most often when referring to Vietnam and repeatedly Continue reading

A Glimpse of Angkor Wat – Cambodia


A Glimpse of Angkor Wat – Cambodia Located next to the city of Siem Reap in the north, the architectural complex of Angkor was the capital of the powerful Khmer kingdom, today attracts many tourists to visit, sightseeing Angkor Wat is where King Jayavarman II built for worship, religious bodies and other works integrity and most beautiful in the population. Continue reading

Discover Hoi An is not at the city


Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry and Thanh Ha pottery is where you can discover a very different Hoi An. Referring to Hoi An, many people often think of the gentle river Huai and the house bears the mark of time. In addition to beautiful old town, where tourists are fascinated in the traditional village culture, which is the Continue reading

Halong Bay in top destinations such nice step up from mythology


Halong Bay in top destinations such nice step up from mythology In addition to Halong Bay, a list for BuzzFeed offer also includes the village of Colmar (France), Waitomo caves fireflies (New Zealand) or garden Kawachi Fuji (Japan). Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most famous destination in Quang Ninh province, attracting large amounts of Continue reading

Massage parlour in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

champei massage room in phnom penh cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia have so many massage parlour that may fix your need One hour body/ foot massage ticket in Pnompenh or Siemriep cost about $8-$10 and tip about $2-$5 If you looking for happy ending massage in Phnompenh, you may come to wrong place. It’s available everywhere in Vietnam or Thailand but maybe hard to find here in Phnompenh. Continue reading